Compassion Begins with Self


“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.”
Dalai Lama XIV

Compassion makes you happy.
Research has shown that when we feel compassion, our heart rate slows down and areas of the brain linked to empathy and feelings of pleasure light up.

Compassion for self.

If one does not have compassion for self, how can one feel compassion for others? Oftentimes we are our worst critic. We berate ourselves for the slightest mistake, breeding self contempt, which reflects upon how we perceive others. Some may find that they turn away from those who are afflicted with a painful problem that mirrors their own troubles. Yet for some of us, we are like a sponge and feel the pain of another so much so that we withdraw and then carry intense guilt for not being strong enough to put our own feelings aside.

Love yourself first.
Be gentle with yourself
Be understanding of your shortcomings
Forgive yourself

At times people seem reluctant to approach those who do not appear whole or held together mentally or emotionally. We all experience darkness at times and it is in these darkest moments that we need the acceptance and love that only compassion can give. Be good to yourself and giving to others. A compassionate heart will open your life to the all encompassing love that resides in your soul.

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